Mrs. Lietzau-Lao was a fantastic foreign language educator. After studying Spanish unsuccessfully for four years, she taught me more in 10 weeks than any teacher had before. Her educational tactics were insightful, as well as effective. Her patience is long lasting, and her love for education is clear. This former student recommends Mrs. Lietzau-Lao strongly!

David Dubiel, OSU

Angela was the best Spanish teacher I have ever had! She fostered a fun environment that allowed me to gain confidence in speaking Spanish out loud, while helping me increase my technical knowledge of the language. After taking her class, I was very prepared for the next level. Her teaching style was individualized and she really got to know her students, which was especially rare in a large university like Ohio State. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish from a knowledgeable, encouraging, and fun teacher!

Chelsea Dikeman, OSU Freshman

Angela was great as an instructor for my very first Spanish class in college (OSU Spanish 103.66 when it was on the quarter system). It was the third class in line of Spanish courses. She encouraged the class to learn and practice Spanish by talking to your classmates about what you did over the weekend or just simply saying hello. She was friendly and always had us converse when doing class exercises together in our textbook. I truly benefited from having her teaching and have even kept in touch with classmates since then! I wish I had her for some of my other Spanish classes!

Holly Choi, OSU Freshman

Angela’s Spanish class was one of my favorite classroom experiences in my five years at Ohio State. It was a fun and energetic learning environment where none of the students in the classroom felt uncomfortable. I always looked forward to walking into her class because of this environment that she created through her enthusiasm for teaching the language as well as her energetic presentation and creative lesson plans. I would suggest that ANYONE interested in learning Spanish should learn from this wonderful teacher and person!!

Jon Lampley, OSU Freshman

Angela was one of the best teachers I had during college! She fostered dynamic learning through varying her approach to teaching. We used a textbook and workbook, but also engaged in conversations, acted out skits, worked in groups, and did presentations. The balance of reading and speaking assignments helped me learn and improve my Spanish skills. Through the interaction she allowed, I made very good friends from that class and actually met my future husband! I really enjoyed class with Angela, and it was always clear how much she cared about her students.

Hallie Kloots, OSU

My time with Prof Angela Lao was remarkable and I could not have asked for a better prof. Everyday she had an energy passion and excitement as well as a very genuine interest in the development of her students. She was able to challenge and stretch me while also making the classroom an enjoyable place. It was the most fun I had in all four years of college. I am very grateful for my time with her and would encourage anyone who had the opportunity to learn under her to take it.

Bryce Crawford, OSU sophomore